SmartLink 2.0 | User Experience & Feature Update




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    Brent Jones

    Really enjoy the new look and feel of Smartlink 2.0.  I had a couple of issues that updating my browser seemed to fix.  I have attached a few items I would like to see added to this roll out or future roll outs.   Let me know if clarification is needed on anything.


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    Brandon Lackey

    These are all great ideas Brent, and consistent with what we are hearing from other customers.   You can see what others are requesting here.

    Feel free to add your votes and comments to this.     Glad you like SmartLink 2.0.

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    Paul Schultz

    I noticed one of our controllers, BA Alvarado shows that it has been turned off at the controller. Shouldn't that show up in the logs as to when that happened? Or, when it is set back on Auto Mode? Also, really looking forward to the point when you add all the same features that are shown under Advanced dial on controller. Most important are reports about sensor battery health, current depletion per station and the ability for administrator like myself to help reset it. As it stands, those issues are ones we have to go to the site to check. Or, if we can push a manual water to help rehydrate soils and then for it to switch over to auto mode after x days. Helpful when we have had water off for a while and need to start fresh on soil moisture depletion assumptions.

    Overall, l like the look. If I can see what alerts are at the first dashboard and get to controllers that aren't on automode quickly, that saves me time having to dig through each controller to extract that info. 

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    Paul Schultz

    Maybe also a way to see aircard signal strength. Currently have to work with Darren to get that information. It is not apparent at site or on our side.

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