How do I know that my SmartLine controller is really watering?



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    Yes this works, you can check it in the advanced menu.

    But since the precipitation deficit is updated at 11:50pm and my water schedule starts at 2:00am, I have a small window of opportunity to check the controller to view the precipitation deficit and the run time on a watering day. I do have it set to run on ODD days, so I can check the first days deficit any time during the second day, but if I want to see the actual run time including the second day's deficit, I have to check it within those two hours on the day that it runs, which is the ODD numbered day. It would be REALLY nice if there was a 7 day history in the controller, to facilitate a weekly history check, kind of like there is a 5 day history of the temperature data (why 5 and not 7 days?).

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