My SmartLine controller runs the same program over and over. Is something wrong?




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    "If you are using a SLW series weather station, you should only have one start time programmed."

    But in another article (, it states

    "If you are using Auto Adjust mode with an SLW weather station, the Auto Adjust mode will automatically divide run times to minimize water run off. "

    There seems to be value in the second statement, but conflicts with the first statement  quoted.  How should someone differentiate between these two guidance statements?

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    Darren Harris

    Smartline will cycle/soak based on programming within a start time to prevent run off. Some users prefer to have a morning and evening start time to split the water before and after the heat of the day. In this case, the controller applies ½ at the morning and cycles if needed to prevent runoff, and ½ in the evening cycling the same.


    Start times are designed for when you want the irrigation to occur.

    Run/Soak is designed to prevent runoff when the irrigation cycle is running.



    The reason is in the past, you would need to set multiple start times to run/soak to prevent run off. Not with Smartline. If your desire is runoff preventions, the controller does it for you. 

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